Why Your Body Doesn’t Want You to Sit All Day

Why does sitting wear on us so much? And what can we do to support our backs—and our health—while we’re at work, where many of us sit for 7+ hours a day, five days a week? Turns out, there are simple changes you can make to your daily routine to minimize the negative health effects of sitting, and show your body some workplace respect.

Reading, Writing, and Omega-3s

One way to support your kids as they head off to school is to make sure they’re getting enough essential nutrients like omega-3 fats. Here’s how omega-3s can affect your child’s success with both social and academic tasks.*

Time to Get a Move on Joint Health

We all feel the effects of time in different ways. Your joints, especially, can make you feel your age. Here’s how to handle the news that you’re not as young as you used to be—and keep on moving on.

How to Marie Kondo Your Medicine Cabinet

Our medicines take on lives of their own because it’s hard to imagine we might not need them again some day. But not all medicines—or supplements—are worth saving. Here’s how to decide what makes the cut, and spark some Marie Kondo joy in your cabinet.

Getting Little Ones to Eat Well: 8 Great Tips

Few things can be more frustrating than getting a child to eat what we parents consider healthy foods. Mealtime anxiety motivated me to come up with a few creative strategies to coax picky eaters to broaden their eating choices.