Ingredient Spotlight: Curcumin

Even though it’s been around since antiquity, many people are discovering curcumin for the first time. Let’s take a closer look at curcumin to learn how this ancient ingredient can spice up your supplement regimen.

Ingredient Spotlight: Marine Collagen

There’s a lot more to collagen than bone broth. This vital biological building block serves several purposes, many of which aren’t common knowledge. Learn about where collagen comes from, and how it helps keep us together from the inside out.

Fish Oil, Sustainably Made

Something you might not know about the fish oil you buy from Nordic Naturals: It’s made in a facility that runs entirely on biofuel we make ourselves from leftover fish fats. In the spirit of Earth Day, we thought we’d share our unique story with you.

Do You Really Need Omega-3s?

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard us say it a thousand times: Omega-3s are essential to health. But why do you really need them? It’s a fair question, and one our in-house, registered dietitian and nutrition expert (not to mention personal trainer) Kate Turner is happy to answer. With a smile.