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Kids, Germs, and Gut Health

Kids are especially prone to colds and stomach bugs. That may be because the one “organ” we acquire after we’re born, our gut microbiome, is still a work in progress.

The Dark Side of Blue Light

We all need light. But light is complex, and, like most things, can be harmful in excess. Learn how to protect your eyesight from overexposure to blue light with these three simple nutrients.

How to Talk to Your Doctor about Supplements

There are good reasons for letting your doctor know what supplements you’re taking, especially if you also happen to be taking prescription medications. Here are some suggestions on how to start the conversation.

Ingredient Spotlight: Curcumin

Even though it’s been around since antiquity, many people are discovering curcumin for the first time. Let’s take a closer look at curcumin to learn how this ancient ingredient can spice up your supplement regimen.